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Education-Fees is a web portal dedicated to gathering and sistematically presenting information on private learning courses and classes in the United Kingdom. We cover a wide range of educational institutions and academies and provide all relevant information so you can decide which courses and classes you take in the UK. We welcome both native students as well as inmigrants and exchange students who want to engage in an educational experience in the United Kingdom. We provide resources and information completely for free. Now you can design your learning plan and choose the best academy that suits your needs, your geographical availability and your budget.

Learn about academies in the United Kingdom

We have a comprehensive list of educational institutions in the United Kingdom which has been made available to the general public. We believe that education is the base of a prosper and exemplar society, so we do our part in helping the community and educational institutions reach out to one another. We provide information on each academy, from address and contact information to reviews, courses and special offers, so you can compare all of them and decide which one has what you are looking for. 

We also include links to each academy's website so you can read more about them and get in contact with them if you want to ask them questions or sign up for a course or any other educational service.

Compare fees and find special offers

Our aim here at Educational-Fees is to help the general population easily access information on costs and fees for educational courses. It can be difficult and very time consuming to find out about prices when comparing service provided by different schools, so in order to help students with their queries we have gathered data on fees and prices from dozens of academies in the United Kingdom. With our academy finder, you can search by geographical zone, subject, or even course extension, and compare fees and hourly rates. Our tools are meant to help you find an academy and plan your course for the year.

We also provide help on finding special offers and discounts on courses in British academies. Last minute price drops, group discounts and special bonifications are featured in this site, so you don't miss an opportunity to save some money during your courses and your studies. Sign up for the newsletter and we will send you weekly reports on the latest news in the British academic world, including the best offers and latest deals to save some money and expand your possibilities in the United Kingdom.

We are open for contact

We provide plenty of information on British academies and their fees, but if you have an unanswered question you can always contact us and we will do our best to provide the information that you neeed. Use the contact form or our contact e-mail and ask us any question regarding academy fees. We will do our best to answer all your questions.

We help you find out about prices and fees in the UK.

We have a list of over two hundred academies in the United Kingdom. Our list is still growing as more and more academies are added year after year. If you happen to own or be a part of an academy and you don't see it featured on our list, you can contact us and we will include it in our brochure. We will send you an application form that you can use to provide us with all the information that is required, and your academy will briefly go online on our website.

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What Are The Costs Of Learning English In The UK

What Are The Costs Of Learning English In The UK


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